Jeffrey Glassman

My professional career has been devoted to helping and representing injured people at my law firm.  While this has brought me immense satisfaction knowing I have helped change someone’s life for the better, I have also recognized that it is vital to recharge my own batteries from time to time.  Nature photography has done this for me.  I am only an amateur photographer at best, but that matters not compared to the joy I feel in connecting with nature and capturing an image that makes you go “wow”!

My passion for photography began as a child when I asked my parents if I could convert a closet in our basement into a darkroom.  I loved the challenge of rolling the film into the reel while in darkness and then watching the images come alive on the paper as I slid it from tray to tray.  This was a time of magic.  Knowing that the better image I took, the better the result.

My first photography subjects were mostly people when I volunteered for my school newspaper.  After law school, I embarked on a Sacred Passage which sent me on a solo journey into the middle of nowhere completely alone for 7 days.  While connecting with wild nature, I was able to experience clarity and see things on a whole different level.  This is where I found the “wow” factor and it is when nature photography truly came alive for me.

My friends and family have always encouraged me to share my images.  I knew my law firm’s website was not the most optimal platform to share some of these amazing images, so I created this site as an outlet to share the beauty and wonder of what I see in nature.  I hope you enjoy.